24 Inch TVs

Let us introduce you to our 24 Inch Smart TVs

These are our medium-sized (24 inch) smart TVs designed for mobile use in RVs, caravans and boats in Australia. All our 24″ Smart TVs in this range are 12 Volt.

Our 24″ TVs include a built-in DVD player, PVR for recording live TV and 24 Inch Smart TV features like Wi-Fi, an expanded App Library including YouTube, Google Maps, Emails and so much more.

10V – 32V surge protector

Say goodbye to flickering screens and power meltdowns! Our 24″ TV has a built-in 10-32V surge protector that detects and handles unwanted voltage spikes and dips.

Energy efficient? Yes please!

Love the environment? So do we. Our 24″ Caravan TVs are energy efficient devices and come with a 12V DC adapter.