Our 30-Day Low Price Promise

We’re committed to making sure you get the best deal possible on a new ENGLAON product. That’s why we’ve created the 30-Day Low Price Promise.

If you find the same item you purchased for cheaper elsewhere within 30 days of placing your order, we’ll refund you the difference!

Here’s what you do:

  1.  Place your order on ENGLAON.com.au
  2. Found the same thing cheaper elsewhere? Contact our Customer Support on either service@englaon.com.au or 03 9121 3737
  3. We’ll take a look, and if you’re right, you’ll receive a refund of the difference.

There are some terms and conditions around how this works, which you can find below:

  1. The price of the other product must be for a new, in-box product with the same specifications and features.
  2. The price of the other product must be from a retail store, and not from a private seller.
  3. The price of the other product also includes GST, shipping & handling costs, and payment surcharges.
  4. The price of the other product must be available to everyone, and not limited to those who pay a fee to access discounted products (i.e. wholesale warehouses
    with membership fees).
  5. The other product must be in stock and available for delivery at the time of contacting us.

For any questions about our 30-Day Low Price Promise, get in touch with our Customer Service team by emailing service@englaon.com.au or calling 03 9121 3737.