Who We Are

Englaon is a family-owned business specialising in purpose-built screen display solutions to suit the diverse and changing needs of our market. After a few years of experience in the Australian market, we founded our company in 2011 in Melbourne.

15+ years’ experience

We are super passionate about visual entertainment. We believe our market should provide a variety of options as diverse as the situations and environments that our clients inhabit. We formed Englaon because we wanted to offer our brand of world-class, flexible and unique purpose-built TVs to Australia.

We’ve grown fast!

It’s been a whirlwind for the past 12 years of our business. We have grown so fast and steadily, it’s been very exciting; and we hope to keep evolving!

Our expertise

We specialise in providing a variety of screen display solutions and accessories including: 

  1. Waterproof TVs
  2. Caravan and outdoor TVs
  3. Smart mirror and commercial, custom made TVs 
  4. Google-certified 12v TVs and accessories which are recognised as leading products in our industry. This is why:
    - Our Englaon brand equals ‘screen display solution experts’ – our references are testimony to this!
    - We have updated technology and systems in our Google-certified 12v TVs

Our customers come first

Yes, we have been growing fast and this has brought change, but one thing that won’t change is our continued commitment to providing our customers with highest-possible quality products comprising the latest technology.

We make sure our qualified team keeps up with the latest best-in-practice technological advancements. We also aim to continuously provide an unforgettable viewing experience, wherever you are.

We’re always responsive

We’re a Melbourne-based company with a local customer service team, so we can provide direct support to all our customers. Even when the project is done, we remain with you!