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Transform your bathroom, spa or kitchen into an entertainment hub with our IP65 rated Waterproof TVs. Choose from our 24” & 32” Full HD waterproof LED televisions, along with mirrored finishes for an ultra-premium feel. Some installation is required to ensure proper operation, but after that, get ready to enjoy entertainment while you relax in a totally new way.

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ENGLAON Waterproof TVs

At ENGLAON, we’re proud to offer TV entertainment for any location and condition. Our sleek Waterproof TVs have excellent features that make them an ideal fit for humid areas including your bathroom, sauna and pool deck.

The waterproof LED screen is IP65 rated so you can use it in areas where water jets, rain and moisture might have contact with the TV. The screen is also scratch-resistant, rustproof and fog-free! This means that you’ll have an uninterrupted, high-quality viewing experience without any unwanted steam or marks.

The built-in HD tuner gives you access to all free-to-air networks in high resolution. You can easily tune channels by pressing the AQT button on the waterproof remote. For even more entertainment options, you can use the built-in Wi-Fi to activate the Smart TV option. Our Waterproof TVs are also equipped with a powerful set of enhanced speakers and can be amplified by simply connecting the built-in Bluetooth with external Bluetooth enabled audio devices.

Our ultra-thin Waterproof TVs come with a wall-mount and recess mounting bracket, making it really easy to secure the TV to the desired spot. And when you switch your Waterproof TV off, it transforms into a mirror – making it not only a great tech feature but also a useful home accessory.

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