Why Choose an ENGLAON 12V TV?

Why Choose an ENGLAON 12V TV?

Are you taking the RV on a road trip across Australia? Or maybe you’re just going on a family camping trip. Whatever your adventure is, you’ll need all the essentials to take with you – camping gear, cleaning products, food – and a 12V TV. While a TV may not be the first item on your packing list, having one in your caravan can help you feel at home. Enjoy movie nights, watch your favourite shows, and pass the time while on the road. If you’re looking to install a television in your caravan, RV, motorhome or boat, you’ll need a 12V TV. But what exactly is a 12V TV? And why should ENGLAON be your first choice?

What is a 12V TV & Why do I Need One?

In a previous blog, we discussed all the ins and outs of finding the right 12V TV for the perfect RV experience. We also went over what a 12V TV is – in case you missed it, here’s a refresher: 12V TVs are purpose-built for vehicles. They wire straight into a battery, meaning they can run on either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) so you won’t need a power inverter. 12V TVs work with your vehicle’s stored DC power, a generator’s power, or power provided at a campsite. They’re also made to endure bumpy, rough roads and harsh weather conditions – as opposed to regular TVs which generally remain still in your home. However, a lot of 12V TVs on the market don’t take these conditions into account. This is why it’s important to know what makes ENGLAON stand out from other 12V TVs.

Let’s Talk Sizes

First and foremost, ENGLAON offers a wide variety of sizes to suit different caravan needs. A lot of companies only offer one or two sizes, usually 24 inch. We also have a similar model, plus other models in this size with additional features such as Bluetooth. We also offer 19- and 22-inch models, and larger sizes such as 32 and 40 inches. The size range alone is reason enough to choose ENGLAON when buying your next 12V TV.

Get Reception, Even in Remote Areas

When buying a 12V TV, you’ll most likely need to buy a separate antenna or satellite dish to ensure you have reception even in remote areas. Most of the time, a short-range antenna does the trick, as they can receive signals up to 80 kilometres away. If you’re travelling across the outback or in remote areas, you might need a satellite dish. Luckily, all ENGLAON TVs come with a built-in HD tuner, giving you access to free-to-air channels wherever you are. You might still need to purchase a separate antenna for certain areas, but for most trips, the built-in tuner is more than suitable.

Don’t Compromise on Sound

12V TVs for caravans are actually known for having poor audio systems. ENGLAON 12V TVs come with either 5W, 8W or 10W sound systems, ensuring quality sound for your viewing experience. If you want even better quality sound, it’s worth buying a separate sound bar like our Bluetooth soundbar. The slim design makes it easy to fit in your space, and the Bluetooth function allows you to connect the speaker to your phone or laptop. If you’re on a budget or don’t have the space for a soundbar, our 12V TVs already come fitted with great sound quality – setting them apart from other brands.

Protect Your TV on the Road

While 12V TVs are built for on-road purposes, you might still need extra protection if travelling on bumpy roads or in unpredictable weather conditions. To avoid power outages and to protect your TV, a surge protector can help keep the power supply to your TV running smoothly. Most brands require you to purchase a separate surge protector, however, most ENGLAON 12V TVs come with built-in 10-30V surge protection. This means that when your voltage supply drops, it will automatically boost to prevent any potential damage to your TV.

Browse the ENGLAON 12V TV Range

There are many reasons to choose ENGLAON Televisions, whether it’s for your caravan, home, RV, boat, bathroom or outdoor area. But when it comes to 12V caravan TVs, ENGLAON offers the best quality to suit your needs, both on-road and off-road. Our purpose-built televisions are perfect for your next trip, ensuring you’re not only experiencing quality viewing and sound, but also longevity of the product. Check out the full range online or in store!