Introducing the X90 Series: ENGLAON’s Best 12V Television Yet


We’ve had a long history of producing Australia’s best 12V televisions. We’ve been evolving our range, constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and give our customers the greatest entertainment experience possible whether they are on the road in their caravans, or relaxing on the water in their boats. 

Despite having done this for fifteen years, we still get very excited when it’s time to introduce a new product, and today is no exception.

We’re proud to introduce a brand new addition to our range of 12V televisions: the X90. 

What Makes The X90 So Special? 

When we launched the X70, the X90’s predecessor, it was a huge success. It was the first of its kind to be certified by Google, and it shipped with a range of features including Android TV, Google Assistant & voice activation, and built-in Chromecast. It was a show-stopper in its own right.

It also came preloaded with some of the most popular entertainment apps, offering easy and seamless entertainment for life on the road. It attracted positive reviews across Australia from GORV and Mirage News, as well as overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who described it as a “really excellent little TV with a very clear picture and great sound”, with “great sound for a small tv, picture is excellent and it was an easy set up.” among other things. 

“It seems that ENGLAON has considered all factors when it comes to choosing a TV for a caravan – it’s especially good for caravanners who have strict weight limits and small power setups when traveling off-grid.”

  •, May 2023

As fantastic as the X70 was, there is always room for innovation and improvement, and that is what has led us to the X90. 

We took the success of the X70 and combined it with our extensive R&D to produce the newest 12V smart television in the Australian market. We upgraded the software. We increased the screen resolution. We made it faster, and we made it louder. We even made it look better. 

Let’s take a look at the upgrades you’ll be getting on the X90. 

Google TV

Unlike the X70, the X90 ships with Google’s official television operating system, Google TV. It’s a distinct upgrade to Android TV, offering a cleaner & slicker interface with more functionality. Apart from allowing access to Google’s Play Store for more apps, which now includes some games, you’ll also be able to stream live videos from a variety of sources such as YouTube. 

On top of that, its integration with Chromecast allows you to turn your phone into a remote control. This means you can browse through your apps, start & stop playback, and search for content all on your phone, but it doesn’t stop there. If you sign in to Google TV with your Google account, you’ll also get a variety of recommendations & tailored content lists in both Google TV and your phone. 

It also syncs up with your smart home devices such as lights, cameras, speakers and even your vacuum cleaner, so you can activate your Roomba while you’re a few hundred kilometres away from home. 

Plus, if you’re worried about what your kids will watch, you can set up parental controls to limit access to certain apps or features, which is helpful if your kids are the types to enjoy sitting inside instead of exploring the campsite. 

If all this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Google TV is the same operating system you’ll find on Google’s newer Chromecast devices, so its inclusion on the X90 is a huge step for 12V TVs & ENGLAON. 

Upgraded RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is effectively a reserve of memory most electronic devices have to complete the tasks you ask them to do. The higher the RAM, the more tasks that device can handle, and the faster it can complete those tasks as well. 

In the X90, we’ve upgraded the RAM from the X70’s 1GB to now offer 1.5GB. This improves the speed at which the X90 functions, allowing quicker opening of apps, quicker access to data, and quicker response times throughout your entertainment experience. 

Full HD Screen

We also upgraded the screen resolution from HD to Full HD. This means that instead of the 720p image resolution, you’ll now be able to enjoy all your favourite shows with crisp picture quality on the X90’s 1080p screen.

Improved Speaker Quality

The X70 was well reviewed for the quality of its built-in 2x5W speakers, but the X90 takes this further with its integrated 2x8W speakers. The additional wattage means the speakers can handle more power, which increases depth of the sound, resulting in a louder, cleaner audio experience

Bezel Free Edges

While we worked on improving the technical specs of the X90, we didn’t forget about how the TV looks, either. You’ll now enjoy a significantly more premium feel with our bezel-free edges, which can be found on the left side, right side, and along the top. This maximizes your screen size while keeping the TV compact - perfect for tight spaces such as caravans, RVs and boats. 

Larger Screen

Introducing bezel-free edges means we can increase the screen size from 24” on the X70 to 25” on the X90. 

What Else Do You Get With The X90?

The X90 has been developed from 12V TV excellence - not just from the X70, but also Englaon’s wider range of 12V televisions. Here are the features you’ll also find on the X90.

Built-In Chromecast

Chromecast allows you to stream whatever is on your phone screen to your television, so whether you want to listen to your music, watch a video you filmed on your trip, or look through a slideshow of your favourite photos, you’ll be able to cast your phone or tablet screen on your X90 TV. 

Surge Protection

All Englaon TVs come with impressive surge protection to deal with unexpected surges or drops in power, and the X90 is no exception. Rated from 10V to 30V, the X90 can easily handle fluctuations in power without taking damage. 

Google Assistant & Voice Control

The X90 comes with a bluetooth remote control that allows you to use Google Assistant to control your TV. Ask it to play your favourite shows, put on a magical playlist, ask it about your day, or even find out the week’s weather forecast. 

Vibration Resistance

The X90 is designed to run off a 12V power supply in order to make it suitable for caravans, RVs, and boats. As such, it needs to be able to handle the lumps and bumps that come from our roads & campsites. That’s why we take extra care when vibration testing our televisions & componentry to ensure that they can continue to work perfectly from a life lived on the road. 

Usable at Home

When not touring Australia’s countryside and scenery, you can actually bring your X90 inside and use it inside your house. It comes with a 240V power adapter that allows you to set it up at home and enjoy exactly the same quality entertainment. 

Where Can You Get One?

So there you go - the Englaon X90 12V television is a market leader, and you can pick one up today from just $429.95. 

Don’t forget - not only will you also get free shipping anywhere in Australia, but you’ll also get a 12-month warranty with your X90 too. While we don’t believe you’ll have any problems, rest assured you’ll be covered if you do. 

The Englaon X90 24” FHD Smart TV is available now for just $429.95. Order yours online today, and experience a new entertainment adventure.