12 Volt Caravan TV News: Have You Seen Our Exciting New E-Lite Series?

12 Volt Caravan TV News: Have You Seen Our Exciting New E-Lite Series?

If you haven’t, then it’s definitely time that you do! Our brand new 24” HD Smart LED 12 Volt Caravan TV is now available for pre-order. And it’s everything you need – without the frills!

How does our new 12 Volt Caravan TV differ from the others we have on the market?

You might be wondering how our new E-Lite series compares to the other 12 Volt Caravan TVs we have on the market. Well, let us take you through how our latest 24″ Smart TV can suit your travel style.

The E-Lite Series offers simplicity at its best

Let’s face it, choice can be overwhelming sometimes! And this is exactly why we’ve simplified entertainment for you. Built-in DVD players? Soundbars? Bluetooth Audio Out? Our E-Lite Series keeps things as straightforward as possible by giving these additional features a miss.

Your favourite apps are already pre-installed

Our E-Lite series brings convenience to your adventures with its Linux 5.1. operating system. Not only are Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video immediately at your fingertips, but you can also enjoy other apps from the built-in Linux app store. In comparison, our Eco, Advance and Platinum Series 12 Volt Caravan TVs all have an Android operating system.

You’re protected from nasty power surges

Perhaps you’re all too familiar with unstable voltage and the havoc it can wreak on your TV screen while you’re travelling. Our E-Lite Series has built-in 10V-18V surge protection, which means that any voltage in this range will easily be stabilised at 12V to give you a premium viewing experience. This is a little bit different from our other series, which all offer 10V-32V surge protection.

Vibration resistant to keep your TV safe

All our 12 Volt Caravan TVs are specifically engineered for travel so that the components of your TV aren’t compromised on your adventures. The Eco, Advance and Platinum Series TVs are ideal for off-roading, while similar to the 32″ SMART TV, the E-Lite Series is perfect for paved roads and smooth terrains.

Shop for the E-Lite 24” HD Smart LED 12V TV now!

Did we mention that our E-Lite Series 12 Volt Caravan TV comes with an amazing price tag? Don’t miss out on our tempting $100 off deal – only until 15 July 2021.