32 Inch TV

TV Introduction

The largest televisions designed for RVs are around 32 inch. Besides the screen size you also need to consider all dimensions of the television. All our Advance Series of smart TV is designed specifically for your Off-Road mobile life. Perfect for the caravan, mobile home, truck and boat The TV comes with both travel 12v car lead and domestic AC/DC power adapter.

Our 32 Inch TVs include built in DVDs, PVR for live TV programmes record, Smart TV features included Wi-Fi, an expanded App Library including YouTube, Google Maps, Emails and so much more.

Surge protected caravan TV

Our 32 Inch TV is featured with a built-in 10V – 32V surge protector which detects and handles unwanted voltage spikes and dips. Wave flickering screens and power meltdowns goodbye.

12 DC Low power smart TV

All 32 Inch TVs are low-power devices and come with a 12v DC adapter, enabling you to charge your TV whilst travelling.

The unique design heavy-duty metal mounting plate provides a strong and durable enclosure for electronic which balances the vibration force between the metal components and reduces pressure in damage-prone areas. As built in HD tuner which will allow you to watch Free to Air digital channels in HD quality. All 32 inch TVs also have USB and HDMI inputs, so you can easily connect external devices such as laptops, hard drives and other HD gaming consoles.