Proudly Australian Owned Caravan TV Shop


Our Caravan TV is primarily built for RV or marine use. Whether you’ve set up for a night alongside the Australian shoreline or you’ve decided to drive a bit further inland, with Englaon, ultimate viewing experience is guaranteed.

We’ve designed our 12v caravan TV with exciting built-in features offering a sleek and compact device. Our caravan TVs are upgradable with an inbuilt DVD player. Watch free-to-air TV with the built-in HD tuner Loving the nomadic lifestyle? Use the AQT button to adjust channels to your new location. Additionally, the built-in wifi turns your television into a SMART TV with access to streaming services and social media.

We believe that a cinematic experience goes hand in hand with a crisp full HD screen. For optimal and high-quality viewing, we’ve designed all our caravan TV with premium energy-efficient LED displays. And to top it off, the fully integrated Enhanced speakers offer the pure sound you are used to.