Caravan TV

A holiday just isn’t a holiday if you can’t kick back and relax in your cosy mobile home after a long day of travel and adventures…

Whether you’re road tripping or far out at sea, give yourself a chance to unwind and enjoy your favourite movies, TV shows, sports matches, Netflix programs and much more!

Caravan, campervan, motorboat and anything in between: we’ve got you covered with our 12V LED screen TVs. Each model is specifically designed and purpose-built for Recreational Vehicle (RV) or marine use.

This means ENGLAON TVs will fare much better in choppy waters or on bumpy roads in the long run.

Did you know?

Home TVs are designed to sit permanently in one spot at a fairly stable temperature. For this reason, they perform best in a static, stable and predictable environment.

But life for a mobile TV is very different. Extreme vibrations and temperature changes are on the daily menu.

This means that all those areas prone to damage in your standard, 240V home TV may not hold up in a mobile environment.

We use the same high-end technology used for shock absorption in the mobile smart phone industry. All ENGLAON portable TVs are fitted with vibration-resistant circuit boards that enable them to withstand high levels of vibration stress. All internal components are sealed with silicone glue and the sturdy metal framing creates a resilient enclosure for extra protection. These features also shield our TVs from temperature variations.

The wall brackets can be fixed directly into the metal framing, so you can mount your TV on the wall with the peace of mind that it won’t collapse when the going gets tough.

And, unlike many of our competitors, ENGLAON TVs are also designed with built-in 10V – 30V surge protection.

The benefits of built-in surge protection

If you’re used to life on the road or out at sea, you might be familiar with flickering screens and power meltdowns. These are the result of an irregular voltage supply. But our built-in surge protection technology is able to detect and handle unwanted voltage spikes and dips.

The truth is that solar panels and your 12V DC battery can be quite fickle at times… But with surge protection, the Voltage supply is increased to 12V if it falls lower, and decreased to 12V if it creeps up. This means you can enjoy a reliable, uninterrupted viewing experience wherever you are.

And say hello to added convenience! Our TVs are dual powered which gives you the option to use either a 12V DC cigarette lighter or our 240V adaptor (optional) to power your TV.

Access streaming services and social media with the Smart TV upgrade. Transform your new TV into a fully portable, all-in-one entertainment powerhouse, and never hunt for channels or be disappointed with limited accessibility again.

The improved built-in Wi-Fi antenna can receive signal from your router or mobile hotspot. And mirror casting enables you to play content from your Android smart devices directly to your TV screen.

Plus, ENGLAON runs its own proprietary server that enables you to access lifetime server support and remote app upgrades. So you won’t need to send your console back to a company’s headquarters when you need to upgrade your software.

Caring for the Earth

While your viewing experience is our number one priority, we don’t compromise on the needs of the environment.

Our energy-efficient LED screens offer crisp, clear viewing with very minimal power consumption. With their beautifully vivid panels, you’ll be able to relish the display’s high brightness and error-free HD resolution while also benefitting the environment.

Let’s be honest: the last thing you want on your mind when moving from one stop to another is a bunch of tangled wires and extra accessories to pack away.

That’s why our built-in HD tuner lets you enjoy free-to-air TV without a converter box. And you can feel like you’re in the cinema with our fully integrated speakers ranging between 5 W and 15 W.

Connect to your headphones or soundbar using the optional Bluetooth features! And use the built-in DVD player to watch your favourite movies while you’re away from home!

Sleek and compact

Our TVs come with a full range of optional built-in features and ENGLAON has perfected the art of adding them seamlessly. The result is a clean design that won’t get in the way of your vehicle’s interior.

All of our built-in features have been engineered to be as small and unobtrusive as possible. And of course they’re carefully scaled to make them conveniently portable – without affecting their performance or power.

We know that every space is unique, and there’s no one size fits all when it comes to mobile entertainment.

Our models come in a full range of sizes from 22 to 40 inches. Specifically, we offer 22”, 24”, 27″, 32” and 40” LED Screen TVs.

No matter how large or small your space may be, you’ll be able to find a model that suits you.

No need to compromise

So now you have it, all the reasons why it’s worth investing in a premium viewing experience. Even when you’re leaving the comforts of home, you know that you deserve only the best from your portable TV.

ENGLAON guarantees an optimised, ultimate viewing experience so that your TV is the least of your concerns when you’re out and about on the road or at sea.

Don’t forget to check out our full catalogue of mounting solutions, TV accessories, cables, antennas and wireless tech. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a great deal just around the corner…


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