How to select a Caravan TV?

Whether you’re about to set off on the trip of a lifetime or you’re going on an annual family trip, you’re definitely going to need some down-time and some home comforts along the way. A little bit of late night television, or watching your favourite movie will definitely help you relax after a day of driving, or hardcore adventure!

Before you invest in a caravan TV or a new caravan tv antenna, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you make the right decision (and keep the kids quiet before bedtime!).

When looking for a TV for your RV you need to think about three things; size, power and the functions needed.

Caravan TV Television Size

The best size for your RV TV depends on your preference and the space available. The largest televisions designed for RVs are around 32 inches, and you can find some as small as 15 or 19 inches. Besides the screen size you will also want to consider all dimensions of the television.

No matter what size TV you’re looking for, Englaon cover the latest size range for 12v RV TV. You’ll find a wide variety on our website, including the popular 32″ SMART TV.

Caravan TV Television power

Many televisions designed for RVs are 12-volt, while some use standard ac/dc power. Choose a television that is compatible with the type of power sources that work best for you.

12V TV is the best caravan TV

Whether you’re choosing a TV for a caravan, boat or motorhome, you should be able to use it on DC power since you may not be able to use a mains hook-up. There’s nothing worse than having the option to watch your favourite show when you’re out on the road but not having the battery to do so! Our range of 12V Tv’s will enable you to watch whatever you want by using your leisure battery as power.

Caravan TV Functions

Built-In Speakers, Players and Tuners

As technology evolves, we’re used to seeing less and less cables lying around. There’s simply no need for the clutter, especially not in a motorhome where space may be tight as it is! Get rid of the extra boxes, and don’t use up plug sockets by choosing an Englaon caravan TV with all of the necessary technology you want. Our range includes built in DVDs, PVR for live TV, and programme recording. Our Smart TV features include Wi-Fi, and an expanded app library including YouTube, Google Maps, Emails and so much more. What more could you want?

Lightweight and Portable

Before you set off on your trip you should factor in the weight of your belongings, so we recommend that you do exactly the same when considering your TV! Our range of televisions weigh between 2.8kg and 5kg depending on the size of the caravan TV set. You may want to make sure that your product is portable so that you can use it at your home or office when you aren’t travelling. Invest in some TV Brackets so that you can use the Television on various brackets if you need to.

Caravan TV Antennas (ETA380 & ETA380HV). This is a separate product to the TV – it isn’t considered as one of the main selling features, but it’s worth mentioning.

If you’re travelling across remote areas of Australia , you’ll know that there are many areas that don’t seem to pick up terrestrial signal. You’ll want to prepare yourself for issues like this by investing in a caravanTV antenna. By preparing, you can enjoy Freeview and pick up television signals of up to 80km. Tip: Make sure you go for a product with weatherproof features as high durability is important to the longevity of your caravan TV antenna.

Almost ready to set off? Have a little browse at Englaon before you do! From caravan and boat TV’s to antennas and all of the accessories in between, we’ve got everything you’ll need to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Finding the Best 12V TV for Your RV

You will always find a great selection of TV’s at Englaon. We don’t just sell TV’s for RV’s, we are passionate and well experienced. Check out our product range now to shop our wide selection of TV’s. We deliver to most locations in just two to three business days, so don’t wait any longer – find your new TV now!