Best Caravan TV for 2023

Best Caravan TV for 2023

Travelling in a caravan is a truly unique experience that offers the opportunity to explore new places and create unforgettable memories. But just because you’re on the road in your RV doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort. After a long day of adventure, there’s nothing quite like unwinding and relaxing in the comfort of your own home on wheels. And what better way to do that than by catching up on your favourite TV show or chromecasting the best moments of your trip on your own TV screen?

With so many options available, selecting the perfect TV for your caravan can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll talk you through the different types of Caravan TVs and what to consider when purchasing one. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of caravan televisions!

What is a Caravan TV

Before we can discover the ultimate caravan TV for 2023, it’s crucial to understand what the difference is between a Caravan TV and a Home TV. Caravan TVs are different from your TV at home, as they are built with durability in mind. While your home TV is made to stay in one spot, with regulated and fairly stable temperatures, Caravan televisions are designed to withstand the toughest travel and road conditions. This means Caravan televisions can survive travel vibrations and heat, unlike your TV at home. To rest assured your caravan TV lasts through bumpy roads and choppy waters, ENGLAON uses special shock absorption technologies similar to those in mobile phones. Not all 12 volt Caravan televisions come with the same quality and features though, so make sure you check any warranty statements before making a decision.

Another major difference between a home TV and caravan TV is the power source. Caravan TVs are designed to run on 12-volt DC power, whereas a home TV requires 240-volt AC power. As you will be running your 12 volt TV from a battery or generator, power consumption is an important spec to look out for when purchasing a caravan TV; you don’t want your television to drain your batteries. Most 12V TVs for caravans are designed to effortlessly connect straight into your battery, granting you the flexibility to run on either DC (direct current) or AC (alternating current) power. You won’t require a power inverter in this case. And with no power inverter in the mix, there’s no need to worry about any unnecessary power loss.

The last main difference between a normal home TV and 12 volt caravan TV is the way they are mounted to the wall. Because of bumpy roads and limited space available, the mount has to be extra sturdy and slimline. You might even like to consider a mount that swivels, to make sure you can watch TV from every spot in your RV. The ENGLAON Full Motion Swivel TV Wall Bracket comes with a locking pin for secure travel and it passed the vibration test!

Different types of Caravan TVs

There are a range of different Caravan TVs on the market with different specs and features. Caravan televisions can be split into two main categories: Regular TVs and Smart TVs. Smart TVs for caravans are essentially high-definition regular televisions that come equipped with the capability to connect to the internet. This functionality allows users of 12 volt smart TVs to access a vast array of web-based services and to stream content directly from the internet to their television.

The two most common operating systems for Smart TVs are Google TV and Android TV. Google TV, despite being rebranded and renamed, is essentially an update to Android TV that provides a more user-friendly experience than its previous version. Google has enhanced the Android TV experience by placing a greater emphasis on personalised content and customised recommendations. This is in contrast to Android TV, which is app-focused.

Sizing and weight

Caravan televisions come in a range of different sizes, from 15” up to 40”. When selecting the size of your caravan TV, there are two main factors to consider: space and viewing distance. Space: Measure the area where you plan to install your TV to determine the maximum size that will fit comfortably. Viewing Distance: The viewing distance is another critical factor to consider. You don’t want to select a TV that’s too small or too big for the space. As a rule of thumb, choose a TV size that matches the viewing distance. For example, if the viewing distance is 5 feet, a 32-inch TV would be ideal. Finally, consider the weight of the TV. On the road, every kilogram adds up. So make sure you check the weight of a TV before purchasing.

Best Caravan TV

Are you in the market for a Caravan TV but overwhelmed with the choices? The truth is, the best Caravan TV for you depends on your unique needs, personal preferences, and the space you have available. With so many options out there, it’s essential to find one that fits your lifestyle and provides the entertainment you crave while on the road. The ENGLAON 24’’ HD Smart 12V TV With Built-in Chromecast and Bluetooth Android 11 is our most popular 12 volt smart TV because of the convenient size, versatility and features. Unlike many other TV brands, ENGLAON TVs are designed with built-in 10V – 30V surge protection. Surge protection detects and handles unwanted voltage spikes and dips, which are very common when you use solar power.

We take pride in being a top supplier for the Caravan Industry because ENGLAON televisions are built to last. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our high-end products that are specifically designed to withstand the demands of life on the go.

The most important thing is that you’ll find a Caravan Television that suits your personal preferences, needs and budget. Feel free to let us know what you are looking for in the chat and we will match you with the best option for your RV.