Winter caravanning in Australia

Anyone on the East Coast could tell you winter is well and truly here, with cold temperatures and rainy weather keeping lots of us inside. But, just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean there’s not plenty for you to do — especially with your caravan!

If you’re keen to get out and about, now’s a great time to do it. You’ll encounter less crowds than in summer, letting you enjoy your favourite destinations with less bustle. You’ll also have less bugs to deal with; you can stay up late around the fire without getting swarmed by mosquitos.

But winter comes with its own challenges. In some parts of Australia, the cold can be extreme. It’s important that you’re ready for the unique demands of caravanning in winter.

Keep warm!

You can always huddle around the fireplace at your campsite and enjoy a night under the stars, but when it’s time to sleep, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to keep cosy and warm. Extra blankets and extra layers are a must.

You’ll also want to make sure your caravan’s heater is working. And to keep that warmth in, you’ll need to throughly check your caravan for anywhere that cold air can leak in. Plus, a pair of thick curtains can help trap the heat and make sure your caravan stays nice and warm while you rug up under the covers.

Consider getting some cheap carpet mats and putting them on your floor. With how much cold air circulates underneath a caravan, the floor can get quite chilly! These mats will keep the heat in and stop you losing that valuable warm air.

Take it slow

Towing a caravan can be a challenge year round, but winter is certainly the hardest. You never know when patches of black ice could spell potential disaster. The best way to deal with this is to stay calm and drive slow. Don’t take an unncessary risk and always drive to the conditions.

You might decide to caravan in one of Australia’s snowfields (in which case the above advice about staying warm goes double!) and if so, you’ll need snowchains. Luckily, most places that need snowchains will have local businesses offering them for hire, and they’ll often be willing to fit them for you if you don’t know how.

Explore Australia in winter

Plenty of Australians set out over the summer holidays, going to popular campsites and tourist spots. But if you’ve only ever been in summer, you could be missing out on some serious adventures. In Northeastern Victoria, Falls Creek is a winter wonderland with countless winter activities. While the resort itself doesn’t have caravan sites, there are nearby caravan parks to make your homebase. Skiing might not be your thing, but there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy stunning natural views and cozy nights in. Plus, if you’re bringing kids or grandkids, Falls has tons of kids programs to keep them entertained.

In the mood for a quieter getaway? Where better than South Australia’s Barossa Valley? If you’re after award winning wines, the Barossa Valley has everything you need. Coming at the start of winter lets you see the beautiful autumn colours as they slowly recede. And, of course, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best wine in Australia. It’s the perfect destination for the most relaxed winter holiday. Since this is a well-known camping spot, there’s plenty of caravan parks all throughout the valley.

Warm up with ENGLAON

There’s no getting around it: you’ll be spending more time inside than you would on a summer holiday. There’s only so long you can stay toasty around the fire! But when the winter chill starts to bite, there’s nowhere better to be than nice and warm in front of the TV. An ENGLAON 12V caravan TV lets you stay entertained, even when the weather keeps you inside. Enjoy your favourite shows and movies, view photos of your trip, and even listen to music. With ENGLAON, you get entertainment everywhere, no matter the weather.

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