A while ago, we published a blog post about choosing the right antenna for your RV. One of the considerations in our list was whether to purchase a directional or omnidirectional antenna.

Wait, is that even a question?

Well, you might be fooled to think that omnidirectional is always the go-to choice when it comes to TV antennas.

Isn’t it in the name? Omnidirectional would pick up signal from all directions, instead of just one, or two, or a few…

But it’s not so straightforward! Let’s take a few steps back and begin by defining what each type of antenna would look like and do.

Omnidirectional Antennas

Omnidirectional antennas tend to have a pancake or doughnut shape. In some cases, this horizontal shape is completed by vertical elements so the antenna can pick up both horizontal and vertical TV signals.

These antennas are easy to install and can be mounted upside down from the ceiling inside your RV. They have a circular or 360° gain pattern, meaning that they are able to convert input power from all directions into radio waves.

However, they are much less efficient at picking up weak TV signals.