Wireless Monitor and Camera kit


  1. TFT-LCD Quad Screen Monitor
  • 800×480 Resolution.
  • Split-screen monitor – It can be a single, double or quad screen.
  • Audio recording for all 4 channels wireless cameras.

*Extra cameras are available to be purchased from our store


  1. Digital wireless transmission (Digital wireless transmission has no interference as compared to the Analogue wireless transmission which is prone to interference)
  • 4GHz Transmission & Receiver.
  • Wireless long distance with Transmitting distance of 120m
  • Dual antennas monitor with stronger transmission 30m with a barrier, maximum 170m when no barrier.
  • Stable transmission up to 100km/h


  1. U-Support Bracket, Centre Mount Bracket, IR Remote Control, Angle Adjustment Screws, Power Cable.


  1. Auto-dimming function (the monitor will dim automatically at night).


  1. Parking guideline can be turned ON/OFF.


  1. The image can be adjusted: Mirror/Forward image adjustment available in the monitor setting.


  1. NTSC/ PAL switch.


  1. Trigger wire auto switch to selection camera.


  1. DVR recording and play.
  • Can support up to 128GB SD card (SD card not included, available to be purchased separately


  1. Suitable with 12V/24V power supply
  • Ideal for regular 12V car battery or heavy-duty 24V truck


  1. Remote Control
  • Remote access control that with a simple interface and ability to control everything from afar.


  1. Industrial Grade Heavy Duty IR Night Vision Colour CCD Camera
  • High-resolution image
  • 120-degree wide field of view CCD cameras
  • 18 built-in IR LED
  • Automatic night vision distance at 10 metres
  • Capability constructed of a metal alloy shell to withstand vehicle shock & vibration


  1. Easy to install–Wireless parking assistance; The monitor will start up automatically, and synchronously display the video from rearview camera when you’re backing or breaking your car.


  1. Weather, shock and water resistant rated IP67/IP68
  • High rating making it very durable and suitable in all environments