Product Announcement: Our brand-new 22″ 12V TV is arriving in October!

Brand-new 12V TV from ENGLAON

We’re excited to introduce you to our sensational new 22” Full HD Smart LED 12V TV. This model flawlessly combines functionality and sophistication – and best of all, you can save $100 on our pre-order sale.

Are you wondering why our stylish 22″ Smart TV is the perfect fit for your adventures? Keep reading to find out…

This 12V TV provides sophistication and great features

Our frameless 22” Full HD Smart LED 12V TV is packed full of amazing features while still boasting sleek and stylish aesthetics. It has an inbuilt DVD player (Region Free) for those long drives and rainy nights when your signal may not be at its strongest. Plus, you can enjoy free-to-air shows with the integrated HD tuner. And if you’re looking for even more viewing variety, simply connect your laptops, hard drives and gaming consoles to the TV using the HDMI and USB inputs.

Easy access to your favourite apps

Our new Platinum Series 12V TV brings you endless entertainment with its Android 9.0 operating system and fully integrated Wi-Fi. Not only are Netflix, YouTube and social media available at your fingertips, but the built-in Google Play Store will take care of all the other apps you want to download.

You’re protected from those dreaded power surges

Unstable voltage can mean flickering screens and power meltdowns while you’re trying to watch binge-worthy shows and sports. But don’t worry, our latest 12V TV has built-in 10V-30V surge protection. Basically, any voltage in this range will easily be stabilised at 12V to give you an uninterrupted viewing experience.

22" Smart 12V TV

Vibration resistant to protect your 12V TV

All our 12V TVs are specifically engineered for travel so that the components of your TV aren’t compromised on your adventures. You can rest easy knowing that this TV can withstand the jolts and bumps of an off-road environment.

Shop for the Platinum 22” Full HD Smart LED 12V TV now!

For a limited time only, we’re offering you the chance to own our classy new 22” 12V TV at the reduced price of $549.95

Don’t miss out on our amazing $100 off deal – only until 30 September 2021.

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