Commercial and Branding Division

ENGLAON TELEVISION AUSTRALIA, a TV manufacturer, providing unique customer made service for any commercial project.


We always listen when our customers tell us what products they need to achieve their business goals. Then we research and develop products to integrate these requirements into their design, in some cases introducing them to the market first.

  • Customised packages of commercial grade displays to the Education and Government (Prison TV), Hospitality, Digital Signage and Broadcasting industries.
  •  We have 100 models to choose from, and if we don’t have what you need, we will work with you until we do.
  •  Our commercial grade TVs and monitors perform 24/7 with reliable quality.

Our Solutions Include:

  1. Indoor LED TV display, include Hostility, Prison, Marine and Caravan TV
  2. Sunlight readable high bright displays
  3. Digital Signage
  4. Passenger Information Displays (PID)
  5. Indoor and Outdoor touchscreen displays
  6. Portable AD Displays
  7. Medical Displays


Customer’s brand/business logo can also be printed and used on the TV console, starting / greeting Menu and Remote Control. (Minimum Order Quantity Apply)