10 Ways to Enrich Your Bathroom

After almost two years of not being able to travel, many are choosing to spend their time and money on home renovations instead. You might be sprucing up the entire house, the kitchen, or even just the bathroom. If the latter is your next home reno project, you’ll need the best quality products and tips for improving your bathroom space.

Stylish Wallpaper

Something as simple as a trendy, patterned wallpaper will make all the difference in brightening up your bathroom. You might opt for a colourful, botanical print next to a statement mono-painted wall, or a Mediterranean-style pattern to make your space feel like a Greek island. You could even put different patterns on different walls! Check out these fun, patterned wallpaper designs.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned bathroom tiles

If you’d rather keep your walls simple with a neutral coat, you can always spice up your bathroom and add texture with patterned floor tiles. A simple black and white checkered tile can make the ultimate statement. Or, you might prefer a more intricate, geometric design. Whatever your preferred style is, you can find cheap patterned tiles here.

Bathroom Floor Heating

Want to take your comfort a step further? Think about installing electric underfloor heating so you don’t have to step onto freezing cold tiles in the middle of winter. A bathroom should be a comforting space, and there’s nothing like stepping out from a hot bath onto warm tiles while you dry off. You can also install underfloor heating in your shower to dry the area quickly and prevent mould build-up.

Upgrade Your Basin or Bathtub

Bathtub and basins

Another essential for your glamorous new space is a stylish basin or tub. A statement sink or bathtub can improve the entire look of your bathroom, whether it’s a bowl-shaped basin on top of the counter, or a vintage-style pedestal sink. If you do like a retro look, a traditional clawfoot bath can add a level of sophistication to any bathroom. Cast Iron Baths have a range of clawfoot tubs, pedestal basins, and even heated towel rails. Imagine drying yourself after a shower with a warm, cosy towel!

Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower head

If you want to jump into the shower after a long day, close your eyes and pretend you’re in a tropical rainforest, this one’s for you. Large, rain shower heads are an extremely popular choice for bathroom renovations and transform your entire shower experience. Either install it directly into the ceiling, or buy a large shower head with a smaller detachable hose for washing. And if you have the space, a large open plan shower with two shower heads can provide the perfect rainforest experience for both you and a partner. If you’re looking to install a rain shower head, Bunnings has plenty on offer.

Improved Lighting Fixtures

Another way to enrich your bathroom is to install chic lighting solutions. You may opt for copper vanity lights or traditional-style sconces. Or, a three-prong chandelier to match the vintage aesthetic of your clawfoot tub and pedestal sink. Check out these stylish designs.

New Bathroom Mirrors

Adding or improving on your existing mirrors is a sure-fire way to brighten and enrich your bathroom. Mirrors can also create the illusion of a larger room if your space is on the small side. Ornate, gold-framed mirrors provide a sophisticated vintage look, or you could go for a modern style with LED lights around the frame.

Low Light Bathroom Plants

Low light bathroom plants

Any space in your home can be instantly improved with the addition of indoor plants, and your bathroom is no exception. Fill the area with low light, low maintenance plants and brighten the entire room. Peace lilies, devil’s ivy, boston ferns, orchids and succulents are all great options for adding some greenery to your restroom. Another easy way to improve the space is to hang some eucalyptus leaves from the shower head, creating a beautifully scented, cleansing steam every time you shower.

Create a Lasting Scent

It’s important that your bathroom smells nice, especially when guests are over. Having candles, reed diffusers and scented sprays can make a huge difference. Glasshouse has a wide range of candles, reed diffusers and more. The candle scents are strong enough to provide a long-lasting aroma by simply leaving the lid off in the bathroom.

Install a Waterproof TV

Englaon Waterproof TV

Lastly, if you really want to spruce up your bathroom, get yourself a waterproof TV. There’s nothing better than relaxing in the tub with a glass of wine and a good movie . Now, you don’t have to worry about ruining your electronic devices. With many designs to choose from in both 19 and 24 inches, ENGLAON waterproof TVs are a must-have to enrich your bathroom. Our different HD models feature a waterproof LED screen, built-in enhanced speakers, recess mounting brackets and are IP68 rated. And if you don’t like the look of a bathroom TV, you can choose the ‘mirror finish’. With this option, your screen doubles as a regular mirror when turned off.

If you’re thinking about renovating or simply looking to improve your space, we hope these tips and products will help you to enrich your bathroom. ENGLAON provides the best quality waterproof technology, ensuring you won’t have to worry about water damage. Check out our range of Smart TVs, mirrors and more here.

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