Travel Televisions: Upgrade Your Campervan and RV Lifestyle

RV lifestyle

When you are living the campervan and RV lifestyle, you get the ultimate view of the world through your windows and from your campsite. Caravanning is the ultimate way to unplug from the always-on hustle of life and connect to the natural beauty around us and the slower pace of nature. While others sit at home and watch reality TV, you get to experience reality at every destination and on the journeys in between. But, when the sun goes down, you may want to stay connected to the rest of the world. Just because you have unplugged from day-to-day life, doesn’t mean you can’t watch the big game, catch up on the news, or even spend an evening curled up in front of a great movie.


Travel televisions 

can help you stay in touch with the latest news and entertainment in a way that matches your on-the-road lifestyle. Travel televisions used to mean small, lower quality sets that couldn’t replicate the experience of watching at home. But now, with the latest technology, you can have the best of both worlds, the open road, and quality, high-definition viewing when you want the comfort of home.


Travel Televisions are Different

When you are preparing your rig for your next big adventure, you might consider just grabbing a small TV from your house and sticking it in the RV. This may seem like a great idea, but that regular TV won’t offer you what you need once you are out on the road and, it may not withstand all the bumps and vibrations you will encounter on your journey. Travel Televisions, like those offered by Englaon, are specifically designed for your camper or RV. They are constructed with built-in vibration resistance and built tough enough to withstand whatever the road throws at you. They are also compatible with 12 Volt, 24 Volt, and 240 Volt systems and can deal with the power fluctuations caravaners face with built-in surge protectors. Some units are even waterproof which mean you can install them anywhere, including the bathroom! And, if you decide to watch a movie under the stars and a rainstorm rolls in, the TV can handle it.

Travel TV Accessories

Once you have found the perfect travel television, you can also select accessories that have been designed explicitly with the caravaner in mind. You can plug standard DVD and other media players directly into your travel television but, if you want to stay connected, there are specialized antennas to pick up TV stations from up to 50 miles away. If you are way off the beaten path, you will want to look into a satellite dish designed specifically for RVs and campers. And to be sure your travel TV stays right where you want it, you can purchase brackets to mount it to a wall, desk, or table.