On a Trip to Babinda


Nestled in the entertainment space was a 32” LED TV and Wi-Fi, all running off a 12-volt adapter. I was full of pride staying here now as we set out on our way to Babinda. The journey began in Brisbane, a nice 18-hour drive with a stopover in Townsville for the night.

As the first day wore on, there were two kids with me that definitely needed diversion as the highway was a bit boring to them. Tired of listening to their music, Nicholas wanted to play on his Nintendo Switch and Amanda wanted to play on her iPad. Thankfully, I helped connect them to my Wi-Fi so they can play and surf all night. It didn’t take long though before they are tired of that business. I ended up playing a movie for them before they quietly went to sleep. This lifestyle was easier than even I thought it would be.


was a nice place to stay over for the night. I found out they had a beautiful esplanade with a pier and waterpark. We wanted to see the nearby Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary, but we didn’t have enough time. This would definitely be on our list when we come this way again. Our night spent at the Lake Paluma campgrounds as perfect.

The next day saw us continue on our way to Babinda. The scenery on the way was beautiful and breathtaking. I loved it but I could see Nicholas and Amanda both looking a bit bored again. Time for another round of TV time, games and surfing in-between chatting with family and FaceTiming friends online. During one of the FaceTime calls, Amanda’s juice went sailing in the air and landed on the TV. Thankfully it’s a campervan waterproof TV, so it all worked out ok.

We made it to Babinda

Of course, I stayed back while everyone went sight-seeing. I heard all about this little sugar town in the middle of sugar cane growing country. The stunning scenery of the mountain ranges was incredible. I learned all about the friendly tourist information staff who helped my family visit the local butcher who smokes his own home-made ham, bacon, and sausages. The bakery had unbelievable home-made pies. They even have a chili pie that everyone from the whole district comes to buy! I also learned about the Arts & Craft shop with a huge selection of locally made items for sale.

We had only two nights here and thankfully we were fortunate enough to stay during the annual sugar cane harvest. It was really interesting to listen to my family to describe how the farmers harvested the sugar cane.

Well, the time finally came to head back home. My job has just begun again. Nicholas and Amanda, of course, were in dire need of the internet to tell their friends all about their trip. They chatted and FaceTimed for a while. I was happy to see them watch TV later before it was time to sleep.

The journey back

was just as much fun as the journey to Babinda. The whole family had a great time and that’s the way I love to see it. As for me, I am now waiting for a new family to arrive. Oh yes, I may have forgotten to mention one tiny thing. The reason I love my entertainment space is that I am the Wi-Fi unit that was installed in the campervan. Looks like my new family’s coming now, I can hear them. Talk to you later!