Englaon 2019 New 32’’Full HD Smart TV, 12V for Caravan/ Boat

Having plans to take a ride on a caravan or a boat? Do not forget to carry your Englaon 2019 New 32’’ Full HD Smart TV, 12V. This TV is designed using the latest technology that will not only give you a touch of class but will also meet your needs for the time you will be traveling. With the inbuilt Wifi and a DVD player, you will be able to watch your favorite movies on YouTube, use Google Maps or even watch Netflix!

And there is more…

You will never miss out on your important emails! Sounds amazing, right?

Now, let’s look at the key features of this amazing Englaon 2019 New 32’’ Full HD Smart TV, 12V:

Key Features

Full HD Screen: This smart TV has a 1920 * 1080pixels full HD widescreen display that will give you a better, clearer view.

USB recording: Are you too busy to watch your favorite TV program? Not to worry! Englaon smart TV has a USB recording capability where you will be able to record the program and watch later. You will use your portable USB HDD for the recording which is quite cheap.

Built-in DVD player: You love watching movies as you travel in a Caravan or a boat? This is the best TV for you. The built-in DVD player will enable you to save on the amount you would have spent in buying a DVD player. It will also make it easier for you as you will not have to go through the trouble of carrying a DVD player and a TV at the same time.

Wifi enabled: This is one of the best features of this smart TV, an inbuilt internet access! You will easily connect to the internet using your wifi and have access to online platforms just like you would if you were using your computer! The era of missing out on an important email is long gone as long as you have Englaon 2019 New Full HD Smart TV 12V. You will be streaming live videos on YouTube or Netflix at the comfort of your caravan or even a boat.

12V pre-packed car lead: Wondering how you will be operating your smart TV? A 12V pre-packed car lead has been provided. You will simply connect it to your caravan or boat and for the entire duration of your travel, you will enjoy watching your favorite television shows or videos.

Surge control: there is nothing as dreadful as having to worry about the damage of your classy Englaon 2019 New 32 Full HD Smart TV by a high voltage. A surge protector has been provided to ensure that even when there is a high voltage, the working of the television will not be affected.

Worried about how you will be operating your  smart TV set? There is a remote control, a mouse, and a power cable. There is also a manual in case you need help with any of the technical details.

The Benefits…

You are wondering why you need to get this smart television and do away with the ordinary television? I will tell you why:

  • Easy to use: unlike other televisions where you have to go through complex procedures before you able to watch a program, this smart TV only needs a connection to the internet and there! You will be streaming any program your heart desires.
  • De-clutter benefits: when you get this smart TV, you will not need to a DVD player, a pre-paid TV box, streaming devices, and multiple remote controls. The TV set will be able to stream all your favorite television channels live, use the inbuilt DVD player, and even access your emails. Amazing, right?
  • Reliable: You will not have to worry about any downtime when using this TV unlike what is usually the case with other streaming devices. The TV is able to maintain wifi signal and this means your favorite program will not be interrupted.
  • Convenient: Unlike the ordinary TV sets where you have to pay for any additional program that you will need, this amazing TV set allows you to watch any program you feel like at any time of the day or night. You do not have to keep changing channels to watch your favorite program from different television channels.

There you have it! There is no reason why you will not replace your old television set with this classy Englaon 2019 New 32’’ Full HD Smart TV. The price is affordable and considering the convenience of carrying it with you whenever you are traveling via caravan or boat, it is a must-have.

About the warranty details? Every Englaon 2019 New 32’’ Full HD Smart TV has a warranty period of 12 months. If you need a longer warranty period, you will pay a small fee in addition to the cost of buying this smart full HD TV. Having this television set is not just an option, it is a necessity that you need to buy now.