A Guide to Finding the Best Caravan

Buying a caravan for your road trip is exciting… you will finally have a place where you can watch your favorite TV program on the go.  A place where you can relax and have your snack, as you check the latest updates on your social media pages.

But, where do you start when finding a good caravan?

There are different manufacturers who make caravans which are priced differently. Looking at the color and the furnishings in the available caravans may get you confused as well!

Not to worry, here is a guide to help you make this important choice:

Consider your towing vehicle’s capacity

This is the most important consideration when choosing a caravan. You need a caravan that does not exceed the towing capacity of your current vehicle.

Your driving license also has a towing limit and you need to consider this as well. Remember that you are in charge of your safety when towing.

Caravan’s walls and interiors

When buying a caravan, go for the one that has the right wall to mount your caravan Smart TV. With this Caravan smart TV from your favorite store,  you will stay up to date with the latest happenings.

Let’s take at some of the must-haves in your caravan:

Caravan Smart TV

When you have this smart TV in your caravan, you will be able to connect to the internet.  This will allow you to access YouTube, Google Maps, and even check your emails.

The TV has an inbuilt Wi-Fi and a DVD player as well. This means you will never have a dull moment when going on that adventurous trip.

When you buy it at https://www.englaon.com.au/shop/, you will be granted a 12 months warranty. If you need an extension of your warranty, you will still get it at a small fee!

You have never operated a Caravan Smart TV before? Not to worry! There is a user manual to guide you through. The TV has a remote control; a mouse, a power cable, and a 12V car lead which makes it very convenient for your caravan trip.

Omni 360° Degree Antenna

With this Omni 360° Antenna, your Caravan Smart TV will be able to pick up a signal from up to 80 miles. The antenna is weather resistant which means you will not have to worry about the climatic conditions.

It is easy to install and when you buy it from your favorite shop, you will buy it at an affordable price.

TV Bracket

When buying your TV bracket at https://www.englaon.com.au/, you will be assisted in getting the right TV bracket based on the weight of your smart TV.

This will allow you to mount your Smart TV on the caravan wall to give you a better view.

Size of the Caravan

When looking for a caravan, get the one that you can comfortably tow. If you are towing for the first time, getting a small-sized caravan is the best option.

As you get used to towing, you can get a bigger caravan that will be enough to carry everything you need for the travel.


When buying a caravan, consider the price at which it is being sold. Do not buy a caravan that is too cheap as the quality may not be good enough.

Look for a caravan that has all you need, from the interiors to the model, and even the manufacturer. A good caravan may be expensive but it will remain in great shape for longer.

Future needs

You need to think of your future needs when buying a caravan. Are you single and you intend to have a family in the near future? Or, you are planning to have more kids?

Your needs will change and you need to get a caravan that will remain useful. You do not want to buy a caravan, and then start looking for a place to sell it so that you can get a bigger one.

Purpose of the Caravan

Instead of thinking about your present need, think of how you will be using the caravan in the future. Do you intend to use the caravan as a temporary home during your weekend escapades? Do you intend to tour Australia in a caravan?

Find a caravan that will sufficiently satisfy your future and present plans. The cost may be high but as long as it serves the purpose, it is a great choice.

Your budget

The budget you have set aside for your caravan should also be a major consideration. Do not buy a caravan that will put too much strain on your budget.

If you cannot afford to buy a new caravan, buy a used caravan that is in great condition. The price will be lower but it will still serve the purpose.

Always remember to get your Caravan Smart TV, a TV bracket, and an Omni 360° Antenna at http://englaon.com.au/ before embarking on your travel. A smart TV will make your caravan more homely and make your journey enjoyable.